Welcome to Tsukayu! We provide the Best Motorcycle Luggages and Fairings for your bikes! Tsukayu is the fiberglass and ABS products manufacturer and has been in business for over 15 years. After continuous development and many years of experience, Tsukayu quickly gained a reputation for providing quality products and good service, and has become the major, well-known brand mainly in the motorcycle market. We offer a great way to customize your ride with quality products that offer all the features of the leading brands at affordable prices. Tsukayu Hardbags and Fairings are made of strengthened fiberglass and ABS which make your motorcycle luggage and fairing more durable than other more expensive motorcycle products. Every Tsukayu products are made by talented craftsmen who are professional in transforming the highest quality, raw materials into a finished product by hand. Our Hardbags come with carpeted lining that helps protect the items you carry. Compared to other leading brands, Tsukayu Hardbags are designed to fit snug to your motorcycle fender making your bike feel less bulky, the space between your bike and Tsukayu hard saddlebags can be as little as 13mm. Tsukayu Batwing Fairings come with powerful full stereo sytem which are designed to fit with RoadKing, Softail, Dyna and other many metric bikes. The quality full stereo system offers GPS, electronic shock protection, 6 1/2" or 6"x9" speakers, etc, as your choice, all types of Tsukayu fairings smooth your riding and offer excellent music enjoyment during riding. They are lovely as well as functional. We keep developing new products and improve the quality of our current products. Please check out Tsukayu products for more details.



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