JINWELL is a family's group company, started in 2002 the business of metal materials consulting service for tooling makers and machining engineers, then from 2008 to date incorporated with 5 industrial factories involved in the field of Prototyping, CNC machining, and fabrication, for product designers, mechanical engineers, and machinery manufacturers to assure their customer’s innovation turnover prompt and production lines running controlled well. With many years experience of working together with the industrial designers and mechanical engineers, we have become very knowledgeable about the material solution, manufacturing processes, product dimension tolerances, and finish treatment. and with full resources of industrial supply chain, we are committed to supporting our customers with one-stop service of prototyping, custom parts manufacturing, and fabrication etc. so that we can make sure to produce what you want. We aim to support you with optimization solution, and then keep your product lines working well, this means not only shipping you quality parts on time, but also continually adapting and repositioning ourselves to meet your changing needs, so that you can keep better response for your customers’ requirements. Currently, we have customers from American, Europe, Japan, Israel and Australia etc. served in the industries of Machinery, Automation, Electronics, Construction, Marine, and Aviation etc. we are deeply grateful to those who witness our growth.



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